“Working in the pet care industry has taught me many things, some expected and some not.”

I help to care for a variety of different animals mostly dogs and cats. I love them all, each with different personalities, stories, and backgrounds. They are my ‘Loving Leash Tribe.’  Some are extremely easy to care for while others can be a bit more ‘challenging.’ I am working with a relatively new client with two Dachshund mixes ( a mother and daughter duo aka the girls), both brought up in the same environment but one so frightened by loud noise/anxiety that it took me a full week to earn her trust and get Reece Cup leashed up. I’ll blog more about that later.

Champ joined our pet tribe in 2015. The owners bought him home at 10-weeks old and OMG what a cutie pie! Bulldogs with all the extra skin and rolls, you just want to squeeze and hug. The breed is known to be very friendly, a bit stubborn (hence the bull in Bulldog) and a great pet which doesn’t require a ton of exercise. They are definitely a chill pup!

Champ became a regular 5-day a week client while learning to be potty trained, helping the owners out while at work. As far as dog walking goes, this was an easy afternoon visit. It doesn’t get much better to love on a bulldog puppy and take out for an afternoon potty break. Their temperaments are wonderful and he was always excited to see me. We are kinda like the tooth fairy, we show up with treats and the opportunity to get outside.

On a beautiful sunny day last year I had Champ outside to walk. Bulldogs tend to move at their own pace and speed so on occasion I would need to get a stick (he loooves sticks) to encourage the walking phase of our break. As we walked in the grass Champ would stop every few feet. At first I would try to keep moving him along, we are out here for a walk, exercise and bathroom break after all. Then one day it just struck me, moving through life does not always have to be at a fast pace. Sometimes slowing it down, the proverbial ‘stop and smell roses’ hit me like a ton of bricks.

In a culture that seems to move at an extremely rapid pace, Champ gave me that “aha” moment, recognizing that slowing things down, enjoying our day at a slower pace is truly wonderful. Sometimes in life, our most important lessons come to us unexpectedly. For me, Champ taught me to slow down, not rush through life, be present, and that WE get to chose our own pace.