“Dog Gone It” – Scoop your Poop


With 47% of the population owning at least one or more dogs, what‘s left behind is a relevant topic. As a pet care provider, we spend A LOT of time scooping poop.  It is part of the service we provide but there is also a reason WHY we scoop poop and WHY every dog owner or walker needs to be responsible and ‘scoop the poop’.

What’s Left Behind is a Relevant Topic

POOP FACTS – Did you know?

1. It contains a host of harmful bacteria salmonella, giardia, and parasites to name a few. It can spread from dog to dog and passed onto children and adults
2. It is not a fertilizer-it is very acidic and will harm your yard
3. It can take over a YEAR or more to fully breakdown

Be part of the SOLUTION

  1. Always keep a waste bag tied to the leash-never leave home without (I learned the hard way…always carry a spare!)
    2. Carry a key chain flashlight-works great for evening pick-up visibility
    3. Pet Waste Stations — advocate for pet waste stations in your community, parks and shared spaces


Take One For The Team – you know what I mean…we have all missed a scoop or two for some reason. Pay it forward.

See It-Own It-Scoop It Up