Fun in the Sun-Dog Safety Tips

Summertime means lots of outdoor playtime-here are a few safety tips that will make the hottest of all seasons safe and carefree for all concerned.

1. Slip on some pet -safe doggie sunscreen (yes-there is such a thing) a shirt and hat and monitor the amount of time in the sun.

2. Give your dog lots of access to shade and lots of water! Be mindful of heatstroke signs in dogs; excessive panting, drooling, rapid pulse, and fever.

   3. Be mindful of allowing your dog to roll in grassy areas. Pick designed ‘dog approved’ areas

or open fields that are not treated with chemicals (fertilizers) that are harmful to your pet.

Remember, not all grass is created equal.

4. No Brainer-Do not leave your pet in the car, even for a few minutes. Not even if you are going into the store for only a few minutes.

The heat in a car can quickly rise to lethal levels.

5. Antifreeze is extremely poisonous to dogs, they find it very tasty. During summer months cars tend to leak more fluid so be on alert.

6. If your dog is out on a boat, then he’d better know how to swim (that’s right, not all dogs know how to swim). Even if your pooch can swim, a doggy life vest is a highly recommended

7. Please make sure your dog is up to date on flea and tick meds-Tis the season.

Be proactive and ‘Play it Safe’ —  It’s summertime after all!