Tired of standing over your dog when they use the potty?

I have found a gem of a solution, using an 8-ft leash instead of a regular leash. (most walking leashes are 6-ft long) The additional 2-feet gives you that added space without losing the integrity of keeping control of your pet.  A regular leash is very ‘up close and personal’ when your pooch deserves some privacy. The 8-ft leash is a favorite ‘go to‘ of mine.

As an added bonus I put a knot purposefully about 2-feet and mid-point from the handle. This allows me to hold slightly shorter without adding weight or sliding out to it’s fullest extension. The nylon leashes hold up well, can be wrapped around the belly for greater control (see my next post on controlling leash aggressive dogs). The only downside is if you have a very small dog it might be a bit to ‘heavy’. I recommend staying away from leashes with ‘handles’ mid-point as they pull the leash down with the added weight-just saying:)

Since I’m in the dog walking and pet care business I have a LOT of leash experience.  I keep at least 3 to 4 leashes in my car and have a half of dozen at my home.  They all serve a different purpose and for the most part I am in agreement.  Different dogs, different temperaments and different uses.

The 8-ft leash is my favorite potty/walking go to for most outings with Chloe and Neako.

Let me know what you like to us and why?