About Our Company

Whoever said that diamonds are a girls best friend never owned a dog.

Our Company

We provide your pet with the care and companionship they need to be happy and healthy while you are away. We love what we do and take our responsibility of caring for your pet(s) very seriously. Our personalized services include: dog walking, extended stay, overnight care and pet securing services designed for the home seller.

Our Caregivers

Each pet care provider has been carefully vetted and is 100% invested in providing the best possible services we have to offer. This is what we do! We uphold the highest standards in all aspects of caring for our pets. We want to be recognized for our integrity, reliability, professionalism and passion for helping you with your pet family. Each provider is experienced and has a true affinity towards our furry friends. We encourage ongoing education designed to enhance their pet skills.

Our Goal

Our goal is to be a trusted partner and service provider, caring for your pets with love and kindness when you can’t. We believe in nurturing our client’s pets in their own home environment and helping your pet follow a consistent and familiar schedule.

Doesn't It Feel Good Knowing Your Pet is in Caring Hands?

Robin Blair

I am living my dream…as the owner and founder of A Loving Leash. My pet care business is a mash-up of animal passion, business savvy and the freedom to be my own boss. After spending 20 plus years in a very demanding corporate role I was ready to do tomorrow differently. With a background steeped in animal love: dogs, cats, and horses, early on I recognized I have a unique ability to form special bonds with animals. I am excited to offer pet lovers, parents and friends my personal, professional and loving pet care solutions. Whether it’s a walk in the neighborhood for a breath of fresh air, a buddy to nurture your pet to health, a dog-cation at home or just sharing a bag of chips and watching TV-I am here to help. It’s all about them, they are purr-fect after all!

Additional interests and hobbies include: health and wellness (I am a certified personal trainer) marketing strategy, business coaching and mothering the ‘Rainbow Tribe.’

I look forward to working with our clients and pet families, providing a full service solution to ensure your pet’s needs are well taken care of. Did I mention I LOVE my work!

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Jules Hardesty

Since moving to the Charlotte area from NYC, I’ve been pet sitting/dog walking for the past year. I’ve been working in the entertainment industry for 20 plus years but I have never gotten the gratification and pleasure that I have had with my new career choice as a pet service provider. I have experience with cats, dogs, fish, birds and also exotic pets such as snakes, lizards and many more. And although I’m not a certified dog trainer, I have improved my “clients” obedience levels through love, affection and rewards with healthy treats doesn’t hurt either ;-). I currently own a rescue cat, which I adore.

Sherry McManus

Sherry has been an avid animal lover all of her life and fortunate enough to love and care for a wide variety of animals through the years. After 25 years in the nursing profession, she decided to step away and pursue my true passion… a love for helping and caring for animals. Sherry has a Miniature Schnauzer with heart issues that requires several daily medications and monitoring; so she is comfortable with sick pets and understands their needs for special care. Administering medications and giving injections are a daily routine for her. She has also recently adopted two rescue dogs into my family. She has fostered dogs in the past and is currently working closely with a local rescue group. She truly believes that pets are family members so she treats them and loves them like family!

Amber Miller

All about me (and my babies)!

My name is Amber Miller, and there was no shortage of animals in my life growing up. We had dogs, cats, birds, hamsters, rabbits and more! I am an avid dog lover and worked as a dog groomer washing pups for a period of time – just to be around more of them.

I have varied experience with both large and small breed dogs, puppies, and seniors (and everything in between). I am educated on the basics of house training, obedience, leash training and puppy training. Over the last year (with a puppy of my own) I sought out to learn more about dog training and psychology.
In my spare time you will likely find me at the dog park or down by the lake with my pups! I find that there is no better therapy than the excitement of a dog, especially right before a walk. I’ve heard that every time your dog walks out your front door, that it’s a mini vacation for them. How can that not be exciting?

If you are anything like me, it’s truly hard to find someone you trust with your ‘babies’. I promise you that I will treat your pets as I do my own, and that’s with an unmatchable amount of love and care.



Frequently Asked Questions

Do you do pack walks?

We have tons of love and attention to give, one pet family at a time.It’s all about them. We do not pack walk but love to keep your family out and about together!

Do you only accept well-trained dogs?

We keep it real! We are here to assist you and your pet with proper etiquette. We understand not all pets have graduated training101, heck some may never… We want everyone to be safe, so if aggression is your pet’s thing, we may ‘bow out’.

Do you take dogs in your care to dog runs or allow them to be off leash?

Dog runs are a wonderful place for a pet owner to ‘let their pet’s hair blow in the wind’. Sorry to say our insurance does not allow. We maintain all pets on leashes unless the owner has adequate fencing on property. High energy dog, I recommend booking the extended visit and we’ll keep em’ walking, hopping or skipping.

How long has A Loving Leash, LLC been in business?

We’ve been doing this for awhile as a way to make friends (pet’s make the best kind). We officially launched in October 2014 and are excited to bark all about it!

Will we have a same dog walker every day?

Bonding with your pet means a lot. We want to keep you and your pet happy and will make every effort to keep walkers as consistent as possible. We are going to make sure you have the right person to care for your beloved animal.

If my dog walker needs a day off, will our walks still get handled?

Absolutely We understand everyone needs a day off. We work from a shared google calendar (aren’t we tech savvy) and will make sure we have a pet care provider leashed up and ready to assist.

Do you have references?

Ask any dog around… A loving Leash takes pet care seriously, this is our brand, our mission and our vision. We have references on our website and also can provide as requested. Each pet sitter has been carefully vetted out. References and a background check are a must!

Do you provide other services such as watering plants, retrieving mail, putting trash out?

Great question! Yes, we will provide add-on services at a reasonable rate. Remember, you’re like family. Please discuss during your initial consultation.

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