The road to my heart is paved with pawprints.
A Loving Leash happily provide services such as private dog walks, at-home care, sick pet care, companionship, overnight care and more. You won’t be disappointed in our dogwalking and pet care services. Just visit our Special Waggers page and you’ll agree! We would love to meet you and your pet. Read more about our private walks, sick care, companionship and overnight pet care below. Contact us directly at for a consultation.

Private Dog Walks

During a dog’s life the need for individual attention occurs. A puppy’s first steps on the pavement is made easier one on one. A dog in training can easily be distracted in a group but composed when with just the walker. Senior dogs may need a patient friend. Whether the little one doesn’t play well with others or the big guy just prefers a buddy walking on two legs, we’ll provide the specific attention they need.

Sick Pet Care

Once you have taken a sick pet to your veterinarian, you may need to continue medical care at home in the form of medication, special foods or supportive physical care. For our pets, the basic care of feeding, watering, walking, and cleaning up are understood and expected. This includes walking or exercising your pets, administering medications, cleaning litter boxes or bird cages and following the pets’ regular diet regiment.

Dog & Pet Companionship

A Loving Leash is skilled in a range of puppy care and pet services as noted. In addition to our usual attendance, Good Dog walkers are reliable pet companions. Several of our clients find themselves away for an entire day due to an unforeseen circumstance. Scheduling a few hours of Home Care for pet companionship is another route often taken. Whatever time or purpose we’ll fill your needs.

Overnight Dog & Pet Care

Our sitters walk and care for Fido just as you do. We ask for a ‘day in the life’ itinerary of your pet’s world so we can best mimic their usual routine and send you updates on your pups activities via email so you remain in the loop. Our sitters treat your home with complete respect and everything remains 100% exactly as you left it. Clients who have a walker assigned can even use the same walker as their In Home Dog Sitter.

Cat Care

Okay, so we might not actually do a lot of daily cat walks here at A Loving Leash but if your cat(s) happens to love being walked on a leash every day, we are more than happy to do so!
But seriously, we know it is a privilege to be allowed into your home, and to care for your cat(s)—one of the truest loves of your life.   In this intimate setting, we get to see the things about your cat(s) that made you fall in love with them.

Includes, feeding, scooping, playing and loving on your kitty

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