Tips and Tricks I’ve Learned as a Pet Care Provider

I love what I do. Taking care of dogs and cats, add in a ferret, gecko and guinea pig for good measure is a feel good moment. What I have learned is that for the most part the pets become my extended family. I have spent more time with my client families then with my own. We have celebrated birthdays together, holidays, and even the birth of a new baby. (Yep, a 5 am call to look after the family dog while they headed to the hospital!) I’ve also shed a few tears of sadness and have said many a prayer. I am a cheerleader and champion for Zoey, a yellow lab battling cancer and little Lacey, a 15-year old Pomeranian with a urinary tract tumor. Have I mentioned I love what I do!


So let’s get back to a few things I’ve learned along the way that might be helpful to you.

1.Let’s talk kitty litter clean-up. Does your kitty sometime miss the box? A great way to keep things tidy is to use a puppy pee pad under the container to catch the ‘out of box experience.’  Pick up, throw away, replace. While we’re on the topic of kitty clean-up here’s an added bonus- use extra-large puppy poop bags to scoop and dispose of the used litter. (you can even store the litter scooper in a bag.)

2. As much as we love our cats and dogs, the hair can be a bit much to deal with.

 “I don’t know about you, but I live in dog hair purgatory. It’s almost March and I have a husky that is blowing his coat. I have hair on every piece of clothing I own, all over my furniture and in my car.” 

Needless to say I vacuum A LOT and have lint rollers stashed everywhere! To help deter (that’s the best we can hope for), try spraying your clothes, furniture, etc. with static guard. Not a cure but anything that helps is a win!


3. Dog Walking 101- I prefer to keep the dogs on my right side, providing a degree of separation when coming across other dogs and pedestrians. Didn’t our parents always tell us to keep to the right. Having a bag of Cheerios with you to help  reinforce positive behaviors can ease your walking dilemmas.

4. I wouldn’t have a business if you didn’t have to be away from your pet for a period of time. I have several dog clients that get very anxious when their owners are gone. When stressed your pet’s digestive system can go haywire and cause potty concerns. Adding plain Greek yogurt to the dog’s diet can help keep the runs at bay. I also find that a Thundershirt  helps to calm nerves (think swaddling.) Add in lots of love and a consistent schedule to minimize discomfort.  We will all have less stress:)

dog and cat

 Thanks for stopping by and reading my tips. I am in this for the long haul, so keep coming back for more, we are in this together after all.
Do you have a tip you want to share?